Immuno Bean is a premium quality healthy coffee brand that boosts immunity and vitality

with its herbal ingredients.☕️


Lit Digital redesigned Immuno Bean's existing brand identity and applications with the challenge to not make a drastic change on the brand's logo due to client's existing stocks and video material.


We took on the challenge and did a very subtle yet more premium take on the logo and redesigned the brand applications making them stand out from the brand's existing competitors.


Our team also created a cohesive social media content through a variety of creative static and dynamic visuals that highlighted the product benefits, healthy ingredients, target market lifestyle, and user-generated and influencer-generated content.


Our team also ran a successful Influencer Marketing Campaign with engagements across Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. The product seeding achieved estimated 500,000 Reach in the 1st month, 8,309% increase in comments, 157% increase in Engagement Rate, and helped grow sales up to 8x.

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Immuno Bean

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Influencer Marketing

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TikTok Campaign


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with Custom Brand Template